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Boris Lutters is a photographer based in Amsterdam. he is interested in the evolving identity and sociological acts within our society. His visual language is characterized by fashionable influences and isolating of what is in front of the camera. A multidisciplinary artist who evokes to raise questions instead of giving answers.

Boris is graduated with honors at the HKU Utrecht with his graduation project FLAT in 2019.

F.L.A.T. is a project about voyeurism: a critical inquiry in the space of “in-between-ness”, of non-correspondence, of alienation, where power-relations are questioned in a poetic manner, without direct moral judgements. The spectator looks at voyeurism and is a voyeur himself. He unravels voyeurism as a phenomenon, in a threefold sense: by looking at voyeuristic scenes, experiencing the voyeuristic position, and looking through the eye of the camera as a spyhole.
prizes nominations

Metropolis M selected graduates
Fotodok award winner, jury prize
nominated HKU Award
shortlisted blurring the lines
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Artistic performance
selected as young talent by Moam x Mendo
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Metropolis M
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hot potato news
L'official man
contemporary fashion photography selected by Mendo
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Boris Lutters